Michelle Forbes, who earned an Emmy nomination as grieving mother Mitch Larson on The Killing Season 1, is confirmed to return to AMC's hit drama as a series regular in The Killing Season 2.

New episodes of The Killing begin shooting this Tuesday, November 29th, with production continuing through December. When the series returns next year, fans will be introduced to two new characters.

Lt. Carlson is described as a clean-cut lawman in his 50s who keeps tabs on the political scene in Seattle. Alexi is a 19-year-old former foster child who is into body piercings. It is not known if this frightening teen, who seeks out "attractive girls looking for adventure", will play into the death of Rosie Larsen, or if he will be part of the series' new mystery.

Neither role has been cast at this time.

While a premiere date hasn't been set for The Killing Season 2, it is believed to be returning in April.