Though Michelle Monaghan isn't doing press for her upcoming film Gone Baby Gone, we did get her to talk a little bit about the film when we recently ran into her at another junket. Here is what she had to say about the project:

Can you talk about Gone Baby Gone?

Michelle Monaghan: Yeah, definitely. What intrigued me about doing this movie was the subject matter. I thought it was really powerful, especially in talking to Ben Affleck about the role. I loved that there wasn't a happy ending. It was really ambiguous. No one is right, and no one is wrong. And it's a grey, grey, grey area. I knew that it would be a challenge to pull it off. But I really liked it, and I wanted to attempt to do it. I think Ben really achieved what he set out to do. You know, my character and Patrick are partners, especially in life. And professionally. I like that there's not a lot of romance there. It is a very equitable relationship. I like that she is fiercely independent. And she is doing a man's job. She is in a nontraditional role for a woman, and it really intrigued me. Especially that a couple could morally and ethically disagree about something. Those fundamentals will tear you apart. For me, that was real devastation. I've asked myself a lot, "What would I do in that situation." I still don't know what I would do in that situation. Your mind tells you to do one thing, but your heart tells you something else. What leaves you with a really sick feeling at the end of the movie is the realization that the only victim is the young girl. Ultimately that happens a lot in society. Especially in situations like that. That's what drove me to the script. This idea that adults are making these decisions that will ultimately only affect this young child who has no say whatsoever. It's her future that we have to be worried about, not the mom's.

I liked your character's decision.

Michelle Monaghan: Yeah, I liked it too. Because you see a couple that is a good team, and ultimately supposed to be together. But this breaks them up. Its simple. This isn't something that she waivers on, or they waiver on. Its not something they discuss. It's just that, and they walk away from each other.

Is it easy working with Ben, since he is also an actor?

Michelle Monaghan: I'd never worked with a director before this who was also an actor. Any benefit that you have from working with an actor, is that they have an inside scoop on the approach. It certainly is beneficial. Yeah. He is really bright.

Gone Baby Gone opens October 19th, 2007.