Who Framed Roger Rabbit? creator Gary K. Wolf has confirmed via his official website, pretending to be a "source" known as "Walter Windchill," that Walt Disney Studios is moving forward with a 3D animated/live-action remake of the 1952 comedy classic The Stooge that will team-up Mickey Mouse with Roger Rabbit in roles originated by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Take a look at the 'Disney Development Proposal' artwork for this project that is in active development, then read on for more information.

The Stooge Poster

The Stooge, released in 1952, starred Dean Martin as a Broadway performer who finds success with a new vaudville act, although it is mainly because of the "stooge" (Jerry Lewis) he hires, who captures most of the spotlight. Mickey Mouse will play the Dean Martin character, with Roger Rabbit playing Jerry Lewis' stooge role.

The story is said to have the same kind of sensibilities as Pixar hits Toy Story and WALL-E in what is described as an, "animated musical buddy comedy." This new version will incorporate five of Disneyland's theme parks, and also showcases the "Toon Train," a new mode of transportation throughout ToonTown. Walt Disney himself and Orson Welles are said to be "co-stars" in the film, although it isn't clear how they will be portrayed.

The development package is currently being evaluated by Disney and Pixar, so it could be quite some time before this project is approved and starts production.