Mickey Rourke recently announced his plans to portray Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas, who has made headlines for being open about his homosexuality, and now it looks like The Wrestler actor is planning to remove his two front teeth for the role, reports Cinematical:

Gareth Thomas' agent Emanuele Palladino says:

"Mickey wants to film everything in Wales, although it is early days. He really wants to throw himself into Welsh and rugby and really learn as quickly as he can. He'll learn Welsh I think, obviously where it is relevant as well. He is going to get rid of his two front teeth and stuff - he will be taking them out. Mickey intends to get as close to the character as he can, as he thinks it is a great story."

Another hurdle for Mickey Rourke is the fact that the British athlete is 20 years younger. The role keeps getting more and more challenging, but it looks like The Wrestler is up to the task and devoted to the role.

No production date has been set.