While Mickey Rourke has joined the cast of Sylvester Stallone's latest film, it seems that Sly wants him around for another project in the works. According to The Sun UK, Sylvester Stallone has offered a part to Mickey Rourke for a sequel to last year's Rambo.

Sly asked The Wrestler star to be in his next Rambo film after meeting up at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA. RELATED: There's Only One Way Rambo Will Continue Insists Sylvester Stallone

A source said: "It was weird seeing two movie tough guys sipping tea on the veranda. They chatted about the Oscars then Sly begged Mickey to sign for Rambo V. Mickey said he was up for it."

Mickey - who flew out of LA yesterday with his dog Jaws - is lined up to play the baddie in the film, due to be shot later this year.

Rourke has joined the cast of Stallone's next film, The Expendables, alongside Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Ben Kingsley, Sandra Bullock and Forest Whitaker.