Will the PlayStation 3's delays be Microsoft's gain? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sure thinks so.

Home Media Retailing reports that the boisterous CEO sees Sony's PS3 production woes as having a very positive impact on Microsoft's Xbox 360.

According to Ballmer, whichever company could have their console penetrate the market with "10 million unit sales," that would make them "the undisputed leader."

Ballmer went on to say that Microsoft "had no plans to increase production of Xbox," even though that console had it's share of "production problems" when it was first brought to market. As a result "first month unit sales" were only 600,000.

Additionally, the CEO doesn't see the PS3 as having an advantage over the Xbox 360 even with the addition "of Blu-ray next-generation optical disc technology."

"I don't care whether it's Blu-ray or HD DVD, there's not going to be a lot of content in either format this year," he said.