While rumors have swirled around that Microsoft may considere implementing a Blu-Ray drive for its XBox 360 gaming console, a Microsoft executive recently put those rumors down for good. According to Home Media Magazine, Microsoft Games Studio head Michael Kim said there are no plans to add a BD drive to its popular gaming console.

"I know Blu-ray provides some visual boost for people who want a physical HD format, but we're not seeing that format taking off, in general," Kim said. "The DVD format is still doing well. Eventually, the price of Blu-ray players will come down to $150 and the value proposition of a $300 or $400 PlayStation 3 as a game console and movie player will be impacted."

Microsoft had previously supported the HD DVD format and sold a supplemental HD DVD drive for XBox 360, but that drive has been discontinued after Blu-Ray's format war victory.

Kim added that its focus in movies and television content will be strictly geared towards its XBox Live Video Marketplace, which currently has over 10 million subscribers and is the top online digital distribution service on the market.

"Video Marketplace helps us to speak to the more casual gaming audience," said Kim, who also stressed he feels Microsoft chose the best format to distribute video content. "There's a lot more to our brand than just hardcore games."