The Good

Solid mysteries give way to sharp acting and interesting performances.

The Bad

Paltry Extra features. Some of the police work felt a little too mundane.

Midsomer Murders, Vol. 9 continues the exploits of Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby (John Nettles) and his trusty assistant Sergeant Dan Scott (John Hopkins). These two guys work the beat of Midsomer, a quiet town where not much seems like it could go wrong but sadly it often does. There are 4 mysteries in this collection they are:

- Things That Go Bump In the Night

- Dead in the Water

- Orchis Fatalis

- Bantling Boy

All of these feature our Detectives going up against some manner of bad guys or girls. The episode that most stayed in my mind was Dead In the Water, which sees Barnaby and Scott trying to find out why a rower was killed during Midsomer's Annual Regatta.


Caroline Graham Biography and Cast Filmographies

Since these Extra offerings are of the variety where one has to read them, I didn't really pay too much attention because I have a small TV that makes reading them extremely hard.


16:9 Widescreen. One thing I will give Acorn Media credit for is that when they put out a show, unless they state otherwise, it usually looks pretty darn good. While there isn't anything too amazing going on with the images in these shows, I do think that they looked good. There wasn't any dust or dirt that I saw and things may have been blown out a bit, but that didn't really catch my attention too much.


Stereo. The audio sounded good on this release. I didn't hear any hits or any points where some dropouts caught my attention. Again, it seems like the folks at Acorn Media did a solid job of preserving the assets for this title.


Barnaby and Scott are presented on the front of this slipcase cover which looks almost identical to the Midsomer Murders: Set Eight release. The back of this set has three shots from the show laid out on the back, a description of what this set contains, Episode listings and descriptions, as well as technical specs. The four discs that make up this set are stored in 4 slim cases, all of which are laid out specifically to that episode.

Final Word

For some reason, I liked Midsomer Murders: Set Eight a little bit better than this current one. I can't really put my finger on why this is, I just got a better feeling when I was watching that initial one. That said I did enjoy Midsomer Murders, Vol. 9, it just felt a tad too pedantic in spots. I found that watching Barnaby in action was still quite interesting, it just didn't have the same freshness and vivaciousness as that first set.

If you have been following this show and purchasing these DVDs, I would think you would most certainly want Midsomer Murders, Vol. 9 in your collection.

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