The good news? Those hoping to see the Midsommar director's cut from the comfort of their own home will have the chance to do so. The bad news? The only way to do that is going to be through Apple TV. So, those who were hoping to scoop up the Blu-ray, or even a 4K Ultra HD copy, and see the extended cut have another thing coming.

This wasn't formally announced by A24 or even Apple. Rather simply, it was left for people to discover for themselves. Pre-orders for director Ari Aster's Midsommar are available on iTunes currently. When looking over the page, a message is included that reveals Apple TV has managed to become the exclusive home for the 171-minute cut. The message reads as follows.

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"Your purchase of Midsommar comes with Ari Aster's extended and unrated director's cut, exclusive to Apple TV. Plus go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Midsommar in an exclusive featurette, and watch the creation of Hälsingland in time-lapse footage of the elaborate and meticulous set construction."

The theatrical cut of the movie runs 2 hours and 18 minutes. This extended cut was put together by Ari Aster and screened selectively in theaters, making its way on screens across the country for the public to see recently. But Ari Aster explained that this was mostly something for the home video release. During my interview with the filmmaker earlier this year, he hinted that the extended cut could wind up being exclusive to iTunes, which turned out to be the case.

"We might be playing at a festival, but otherwise the plan right now is to just have it available on the Blu-ray or, I'm not sure if it's Blu-ray. It might be on iTunes."

Those who have screened the nearly three-hour-long cut of Midsommar have praised it for adding some depth to an already layered and complex folk-driven horror tale. Frustratingly, certain desirable content is starting to become exclusive to retailers on a more regular basis. For example, the director's commentary track for Shazam was an iTunes exclusive, which frustrated DC fans who scooped up a physical copy hoping to hear what David F. Sandberg had to say.

The cast includes Jack Reynor (Free Fire), William Jackson Harper (The Good Place), Will Poulter (The Maze Runner) and Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family). The movie holds a solid 83 percent critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, to go against a more divisive 63 percent audience rating. It was modestly successful at the box office, pulling in $35 million, but fell short of expectations, given how well Hereditary had done last year. Midsommar arrives on digital platforms starting on September 24, with the Blu-ray/DVD and 4K release scheduled for October 8. Those who wish to pre-order the movie to scope out the director's cut can head on over to iTunes.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott