The next few weeks are shaping up to be a robust series of days for horror fans. Usually, the real horror is kept within the confines of October, but not this year. This year, July will be giving us not only the new season of Stranger Things over on Netflix, but also heading our way next month is Alexandre Aja and Sam Raimi's killer gator flick Crawl and the recently re-titled third season of Scream: The TV Series, Scream: Resurrection. Oh, and let's not forget Hereditary writer-director Ari Aster's new nightmare Midsommar starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and once upon a time Pennywise, Will Poulter. If you weren't already intrigued by Aster's new horror movie, today we have word that the MPAA has slapped the flick with an R-rating. And this is why.

"Disturbing ritualistic violence and grisly images, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, and language."
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Holy, Hell. I mean, I was already looking forward to the movie, but now that I have the promise that the flick will feature "disturbing ritualistic violence/grisly images, strong sexual content, and graphic nudity," I'm even more excited. Yeah, I know. My brain works in a bizarre way sometimes. But that excuse out of the way, I know I'm not the only movie-goer out there whose ears were piqued by the promise of some truly horrific happenings going down in Aster's new motion picture. I know you're sold on the movie as well. Or at least you know someone who you could share this news with that would be happier than a Pagan pig in a bloodbath. Some people just work that way.

Whether or not Ari Aster's Midsommar sounds like your cup of blood or not, let me go through the motions of backstory for you all the same. Do with the information what you will. The movie centers on a young American couple in a troubled relationship who travel to a fabled Swedish midsummer festival where a seemingly pastoral paradise transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare as the locals reveal their terrifying agenda. The movie is a co-production between the United States and Sweden and was initially planned by A24 to be a straightforward slasher film set amongst Swedish cultists. Hereditary writer-director Ari Aster then came aboard and penned a screenplay using elements of the concept, but ultimately wrote a movie about a deteriorating relationship, which he has since referred to as "a breakup movie dressed in the clothes of a folk horror film."

Ari Aster directs Midsommar from a screenplay he wrote himself that was shot on location in Budapest, Hungary in the summer and fall of 2018. The movie features Florence Pugh as Dani, Jack Reynor as Christian, William Jackson Harper as Josh, Will Poulter as Mark, Vilhelm Blomgren as Pelle, Archie Madekwe as Simon, and Ellora Torchia as Connie. Lars Knudsen and Patrik Andersson produced the new nightmare which features music by The Haxan Cloak, cinematography by Pawel Pogorzelski, and editing by Lucian Johnston. Square Peg and B-Reel Films are the production companies behind the film which A24 will distribute into a theater near you next week on July 3, 2019. This update comes to us via the MPAA.

Mike Sprague at Movieweb
Mike Sprague