In this cinematic era, we hear about new reboots and sequels that revive older properties practically every day, in both movies and television. While it seems that any movie which had a modicum of success is ripe for a sequel or a reboot, that may not always be the case. The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg recently appeared on the Nerdist Podcast, where he revealed that he pitched The Mighty Ducks 4 to Disney. But guess what? They weren't interested. Here's what he had to say, revealing he came up with a 20-page treatment for the potential sequel.

"I came up with a whole - it's like a 20-page treatment, and I've pitched it. The movie meant a lot to me, because the goalie on it is named Goldberg, and he wore a Flyers jersey. I was from Philly, and it spoke to me and my brother Barry. We watched it and when we would play hockey together, we would pretend we were The Mighty Ducks. So, the movie meant something. Disney called at one point when The Goldbergs just happened and they were like, 'If Adam wants to do a movie, we're in!' And then my agent is like 'He has Mighty Ducks 4.' And they were like, 'We're out!' So, it was like 'anything but Mighty Ducks 4!'"
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The Mighty Ducks was released in 1992, starring Emilio Estevez as lawyer Gordon Bombay, who, after being arrested for drunk driving, is ordered to serve as head coach of the worst peewee hockey team, The Mighty Ducks. The film also featured early performances from Joshua Jackson, Elden Henson, Empire star Jussie Smollett and Shaun Weiss, who played the goalie named Goldberg. The original classic earned over $50 million at the domestic box office, and spawned two sequels, 1994's D2: The Mighty Ducks and 1996's D3: The Mighty Ducks, along with a Mighty Ducks animated TV series.

The Goldbergs recently kicked off its third season, with every episode set during an undetermined time in the 1980s, or, as narrator Patton Oswalt puts it, "1980-something." Since The Mighty Ducks movies all took place in the 1990s, it seems unlikely that the hit sitcom will ever reference these movies, unless the narrative eventually shifts into the next decade. If that does happen, though, it's completely possible that the comedy series explores The Mighty Ducks, since they have previously referenced a slew of hit movies such as Back to the Future Part II, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars, Say Anything and The Goonies, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, Adam F. Goldberg wouldn't share any story details for his The Mighty Ducks pitch, but the writer/producer revealed that he came up with a number of different sequel ideas that never came to fruition, including GoBots. Would you like to see a sequel to The Mighty Ducks? Let us know what you think, and you can visit Nerdist to check out the entire 90-minute podcast.