Oh, how the mighty have fallen. One The Mighty Ducks star found himself arrested this past week. The charges aren't that offensive. But the mug shot is. And once fans got a look at it, they were utterly shocked.

Remember Goldberg the goalie? Well, he's almost unrecognizable in his portrait snapped by the Oroville police. The actor, whose real name is Shaun Weiss, was taken into police custody over the weekend. He was arrested around 1am for public intoxication. But it wasn't all that serious of an offense.

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The police released Weiss without a citation after he spent a few hours in the drunk tank. This comes from the Oroville Police Station, who did manage to snap the man's mug shot before he left the building. The news first appeared on the Oroville Police Facebook page, where they claimed he had been arrested on suspicion of intoxication only. And that 'no further criminal proceedings are desired at this time.' Here's Orovilles full statement.

"We have been inundated with calls from various news outlets and others about an arrest that occurred over the weekend. On August 4th, at 12:47am, officers contacted Shaun Weiss near a business located on the 1700 block of Oro Dam Blvd. Weiss was arrested for being under the influence of drugs. He was transported and booked into the Butte County Jail. He was arrested for intoxication only and no further criminal proceedings are desired at this time, pursuant to 849(b)(2)PC. Please do not contact police dispatch regarding this incident. Prepared by Lieutenant Chris Nicodemus."

It wasn't so much the charge but the man's drastic appearance in the mug shot that had fans so upset. It caught many people's attention as it rang out across social media. One Twitter commenter stated the following.

"Of all the depressing mugshots in the world, this one hit me the hardest."

Others called the image 'terrible', and many couldn't believe their eyes. Fans are worried for Weiss, but apparently he had no drugs in his system when he was brought into the police station for booking. Said another social commentator.

"Seeing pictures of Shaun Weiss are really sad. I grew up loving The Mighty Ducks and even to this day my friends and I make Goldberg references. I hope he gets the support and help he needs."

Another Tweeter went onto comment. 

"Damn, this is really sad. #ShaunWeiss was such a talented actor in his day. I knew of Weiss from his hilarious role in Heavyweights before I saw him in Mighty Ducks and Freaks and Geeks. I hope he finds #recovery soon."

Shaun Weiss, who is now 38 years old, is no stranger to law enforcement. Last year he served time for theft and drug possession in two different cases. He was also arrested for stealing $151 worth of products from an electronics story and got 150 days in jail. He only stayed locked up for 12 of those days, though, due to overcrowding. Just five days after his release, he was again booked, this time on possession of suspected methamphetamine.

There have been consistent rumors that Disney wants to revive the Might Ducks, and there has been talk of bringing some of the original cast back. It's possible that Emilio Estevez, who remainsfairly quiet on the movie front could return to coach. If Shaun Weiss wants to be included, it looks like he's really going to have to clean up his act.