Paramount has come to save the day with a new remake of an animated classic. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Paramount is seeking to reboot the animated series Mighty Mouse for a new film.

Several writers have tackled the script in the past, such as Journey to the Center of the Earth writers Brian and Mark Gunn, but the studio is currently seeking a new writer and director for the project. The site revealed that there are a, "number of up and comers on the list," but the site wouldn't list any names.

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The site also speculated on which direction the studio could take the property. Here's an excerpt from the story below.

The original 1940s Mighty Mouse comic was designed as a a satire of the then-popular Superman, a kind of subversive postmodern creation before entertainment (and most of the world) was familiar with subversive postmodern creations. Producers could still go that way -- especially in an era when big Marvel and DC superheroes are themselves getting subversive treatments -- though part of the reason to do a movie like Mighty Mouse in the first place is its broad, family-oriented appeal.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further updates on a Mighty Mouse film remake as soon as we have more information.