In a story from Variety, the multitalented Mike Binder has structured a deal for a new sitcom pilot to be made at Fox Studios. In addition to this, Binder has put together financing for Straight Nate. This film, set at a budget for $20 million dollars is on track for an April production start.

Titled Two Dollar Beer , the sitcom was written for 20th Century Fox TV and the Fox net. Two Dollar Beer is set in the motor city of Detroit, "where a group of young adults weather the worsening economy but refuse to move away from their hometown."

Binder recently turned in the screenplay and hopes to direct the pilot,

"The auto industry they grew up knowing no longer exists, and they figure out ways to be happy with less," Binder states. "They know where the $2 beer nights are and the all-you-can-eat buffet."

Straight Nate was put together with financing from production entity Bingo Films. Bingo is partnership that features Binder, "Gotham-based businessman Erik Gordon and financier Peter Savarino."

Straight Nate looks at a drunk robber who is trying to walk the straight and narrow. Things get complicated when his sister needs his help.