Mike Fleiss (producer of The Bachelor and Hostel) is returning to the reality show world for the ABC program, The Great American Dream Vote.

The network has already ordered five episodes for broadcast as soon as next month. Variety reports the show is a twist on the old 'Queen for a Day' format, in which regular people see their dreams come true. A group of six to eight people will state their case to a studio audience, with each explaining his dream and why he deserves to have it fulfilled. Contestants will square off in head-to-head heats, with the studio aud eliminating the first few rounds of players.

At the end of each show, two or three finalists will be presented to viewers at home, who'll be given a chance to vote on which person most deserves to have their dream realized. Results will be disclosed the following week.

Fleiss said The Great American Dream Vote will be unique among reality shows because there's 'no barrier to entry. Anyone with or without talent can pursue their dream.'