There may be a never ending stream of original shows and movies arriving on Netflix in the near future, but we do love the run out of a good old favorite as much as anyone. July is already pretty stocked with new arrivals, but as the month kicks off, fans of Mike Myers's brilliant super-spy send up Austin Powers are in luck as all three movies arrive on the platform starting July 1. Yes, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Austin Powers in Goldmember arrive in all their groovy glory for those needing a bit of the fun to binge on.

Along with other classic movies like Boogie Nights, Air Force One, Charlie's Angels, The Karate Kid, Kung Fu Panda, and Love Actually, the Austin Powers trilogy will no doubt do well for the streamer, who seem to have a good balance of new and old going on that is keeping interest in what they have to offer quite high, despite causing a bit of unrest recently with some high profile cancellations of series' like Jupiter's Legacy.

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Mike Myers first appeared as the parody of James Bond in 1997 when Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery brought one of his most memorable characters to life as he attempted to foil an outrageous plot to take over the world by his nemesis, Dr Evil - also played by Myers in one of his many roles over the franchise - and work his way through as many stereotypical scantily clad women as possible in the process. Over the course of the franchise, the casting process roped in many big name stars, whole played their roles to perfection as serious characters in a completely mad set of situations. These included Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, Beyonce Knowles and Michael Caine in an amazing comic performance as Austin's dad, Nigel.

The three movies were made on a reported budget of $112 million and took a gross of $676 million at the box office. Loud, crass and over the top, many took to Myers Powers instantly, making it a huge success and leading to Myers becoming a household name prior to his mega success in the Shrek series. A fourth installment of the series was originally rumored to be in production around 2005, but has since stalled a number of times despite being mentioned as recently as January 2020. This was not the only project that could have continued the comedy creations adventures, as HBO acquired the rights to produce an animated series of thirteen episodes based on the film but again never progressed with it.

Mike Myers has recently been announced to be taking on six roles in the upcoming Netflix series The Pentaverate, based in part on a reference that will be known to fans of Myers' early movie So I Married An Axe Murderer. If Myers is deciding to revisit some of his old material, then could that mean we may see Austin Powers 4, or even a spin-off TV show in the future? In these days when it seems anything can be financed by one of the many streaming giants out there, we never say never, but for now we will certainly make room for the original Austin Powers trilogy in our lives when it starts streaming next week.