The New York Times has posted an article about the upcoming movie projects, that Mike Myers is working on, which include three major products in the works: a comedy about a relationship guru; a drama about the demise of Keith Moon, the legendary drummer for the Who; and another comedy about an office worker under siege by robots. The newspaper states that David O'Connor (Mike Myer's agent) says that none of these projects is likely to reach theaters until 2008. Here are some highlights from the article:

Of the projects he is concentrating on now, the guru seems the most deeply rooted in his imagination. In 2005 the character made his debut on some small theater stages in Greenwich Village, just as his Austin Powers persona was once honed at Los Angeles nightspots. Unrecognizable in makeup, a white wig and a yogi's long flowing beard, Mr. Myers - who called himself Pitka - dispensed wild advice to the audience in a thick Indian accent.

Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Myers's agent, said there were two completed drafts of the script, advanced discussions with Paramount Pictures and the possibility of sequels.

"He's a love guru," Mr. O'Connor said of Pitka. "He's somebody who's become an expert on relationships. That's what leads me to think that if it works, it can be a franchise. The guru can be thrust into all kinds of situations in that regard."

In agreeing to star as Keith Moon, though, he cannot hope to have as intimate a knowledge of his subject as one of that project's producers, Roger Daltrey, the Who's lead singer. "Roger's dream has always been to have Mike do the role," said Nigel Sinclair, a partner in Mr. Daltrey's Spitfire Pictures production company and a co-producer on the untitled film. "He saw Mike as the creative force for pulling the project together, with help from us."

Mike De Luca, who approved Austin Powers while president of production at New Line Cinema, is producing the third and perhaps most tentative of the current Myers projects. Titled How to Survive a Robot Uprising, it is an adaptation of an obscure tongue-in-cheek survival guide by Daniel H. Wilson, who wrote it while a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article about Mike Myers upcoming projects. Myers' next film to hit the big screen, is Shrek the Third on May 18, where once again he voices the title character of Shrek.