We are huge Mike Patton fans here. So, it is our pleasure to share this interesting fact with you. Mike Patton's voice is being featured prominently in the upcoming Will Smith end of the world epic I Am Legend.

That's right. The horrible screaming you hear coming from those virus-infected inhabitants of New York City was created and performed by one of the greatest living vocalists of our time. Patton has fronted such bands as Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle, Lovage, and Mondo Cane (just to name a few). Now, it seems, he is in high demand for creature and monster sound effects.

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Patton also recently did the monster voice work on the video game The Darkness earlier this year. The news of Patton's involvement in Francis Lawrence's follow-up to Constantine comes courtesy of Patton's own Record Label Ipecac. Here's what they had to say about it:

Hooray for Hollywood! Take note if you are a movie fan. There is a little film coming out in December called I Am Legend that features our very own Mike Patton. It also stars some actor named Will Smith. The tricky part is, you won't see Mike, but you'll hear him. He is the voice of the creatures in the movie. That is right, the evil screams and howls coming from the "creatures" will be courtesy of Mike. Seems he is getting a lot of requests to do evil/monster/zombie noises and sounds. Remember he is the Darkness in the game of the same name and even shows up in the game Portal as well!!! 2 thumbs up! Wonder if there is an academy award category for creature voices???

Patton can also be seen making his acting debut in the feature film Firecracker, which came out on DVD in 2006.