Following months of hype over a potential return to the ring, Mike Tyson is stepping out of retirement for a boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. The showdown has been set for Sept. 12 with plans to air the brawl on pay-per-view as well as on the multi-media platform, Triller. Additionally, Triller has obtained exclusive streaming rights to a ten-part documentary series featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the fight, with each installment releasing two episodes per week until the match. Called Frontline Battle, the fight is also said to be the first event of a new partnership between Triller and Tyson's Legends Only League.

Right up there with the greatest fighters of all time like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson will forever be known as one of the biggest legends of the sport. Naturally lethal, Tyson won his first heavyweight title belt at the age of 20, setting the record as the youngest boxer to ever achieve the feat. Most of his opponents were lucky to make it past the first round with Tyson, as he had a way of knocking people out within seconds of the bell ringing. Ultimately, Iron Mike would go on to win 50 of his 58 fights with 44 wins by knockout. Professionally, his final boxing match came in 2005 with a losing effort to Kevin McBride, after which Tyson formally retired from the ring.

We've been expecting Tyson has not made any secrets about his desire to start fighting again. On Instagram, the former heavyweight champion has posted videos of his recent training to get back into ring shape, and the footage is actually pretty impressive. Tyson has also suggested his willingness to partake in one or more boxing matches again, noting that they could do them for charity as he wouldn't be doing it for any type of personal financial gain. Clearly, the boxing legend misses what he used to feel after lacing up a pair of gloves and stepping into the ring, and now the moment he has been waiting for has finally almost arrived.

The legacy of the famous fighter will also be explored in an upcoming biopic that's currently in the works. Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson in the upcoming movie and has similarly been hyping his own performance as the iconic boxer with photos posted online showing the start of his physical transformation into the role. There's no word yet on when exactly the project will begin filming, but with Foxx on board, the biopic certainly has a lot of potential. This fall's new fight with Tyson stepping back out of retirement will also help bring more attention to the boxer along with the upcoming biopic.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.'s Frontline Battle brawl is going to be the real deal, as the fight has officially been sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. In addition to fighting, Tyson is also producing the event alongside Sophie Watts, Johnny Ryan Jr., Azim Spicer, Kiki Tyson, Ryan Kavanaugh, and Bobby Sarnevesht. While Tyson is physically no longer in the shape he was at the peak of his prime, his punches are still looking pretty devastating in the training videos posted online, so Jones better be coming into this thing prepared. The fight will go down on Sept. 12, 2020. This news comes to us from TheWrap.