Mike Tyson wins Thanksgiving this year after TMZ posted a video skit online of Tyson slicing himself an ear to eat for the festive holiday. Of course, the ear isn't real this time, as it's part of a custom cake designed to resemble Roy Jones Jr., Tyson's next opponent in the ring. Enlisting his real-life children to help with the video, the skit has Tyson suited up at the dinner table to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Telling his kids they have a lot to be thankful for this year, Tyson unveils Jones' head in cake form as the centerpiece, insisting that it's a turkey.

"Dad, that's not a turkey," his son states.

"Yes, he is!" Tyson retorts.

Tyson then notes that he "likes ears" before cutting off Jones' right ear for himself, confessing that it "tastes so much better than Evander's." Meanwhile, his daughter requests the nose while Tyson's son wants the whole head, and while the former isn't impressed, the latter seems to think that the cake boxer is delicious. After dinner is over, the remnants of what's left of Roy's head are fed to the family dog, who seems to enjoy the dish most of all.

The amusing video was primarily made to promote Tyson's return to the ring this weekend. Live on pay-per-view, the legendary fighter will be stepping out of retirement to face Roy Jones Jr.. It will be his first time fighting professionally since his loss to Kevin McBride in 2005. Also a legend of the sport, Jones had similarly retired after defeating Scott Sigmon for the World Boxing Union cruiserweight title in 2017. While Jones had still been competing as an active boxer more recently than Tyson, the latter has been looking incredibly impressive in training videos posted to social media.

Most of us will know that Tyson eating the cake ear is a reference to the infamous rematch he fought against Evander Holyfield in 1997. In the 11th round, Tyson chomped down hard on Holyfield's ear, biting a complete chunk of it off. The controversial moment cost Tyson the match as well as his boxing license, though it would later be reinstated. Ear-eating has since become synonymous with Tyson, who is using his sense of humor to have some fun with it himself for the new video.

In any case, Holyfield just might be able to finally get some revenge against Tyson over the infamous ear-biting incident. When Holyfield saw that Tyson was training for a boxing return, Holyfield said he'd be up for taking on Tyson again, but Iron Mike would need to be the one to ask him for such a fight to happen. "He would have to ask me, because it's just like being a bully, you beat the guy twice and you know that you can," Holyfield stated in May.

Tyson will take on Jones on Saturday, Nov. 28 at 10 p.m. ET. The program comes with a $49.95 price tag. Other bouts set for the main card include Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson, Badou Jack vs. Blake McKernan, and Hasim Rahman Jr. vs. Rashad Coulter. You can find purchase the fight at Fite.TV. You can also watch the video of Tyson's bizarre Thanksgiving celebration parody at TMZ.