Mike Tyson may already have another fight ready to go after his upcoming bout against Roy Jones Jr., as previous opponent Kevin McBride wants a rematch with the world-famous boxer. Back in 2005, it was McBride who stepped into the ring with Tyson for Iron Mike's final boxing match. The fight saw Tyson coming up short against the younger boxer, telling the official that he couldn't continue after McBride had knocked him down in the sixth round. Tyson retired soon after, taking a shot at McBride in the process by stating, "I'm not going to disrespect the sport anymore by losing to this caliber of fighter."

It's been fifteen years since that debacle, but McBride doesn't seem to have forgotten about the bad blood with Tyson. Noticing that Tyson will be coming out of retirement for a sanctioned fight with Jones, McBride tells TMZ that he wants another shot at Iron Mike next. "Let's get it on! Definitely would love to fight him again," McBride said. "Nobody can rule out anything in this world because that's life. It would be explosive to fight Mike Tyson again and I'm sure Mike would love to rectify his loss and I would just love to jump in the ring again with him."

After a handful of losing efforts following his Tyson fight, McBride would retire from the sport of boxing as well. However, he has remained in shape, consistently doing heavy labor with his job as a laborer for a tree company. According to McBride, he would be able to keep his job following a potential Tyson rematch, as his boss has even promised him time off so he could properly train for a return to the ring. McBride is also excited about the payday he might receive from a Tyson rematch, no matter whether he wins or loses, as the money could help put his kids through college.

Leading up to the announcement of his boxing return, Tyson had been teasing his imminent return to the sport. In multiple videos posted to Instagram, Tyson revealed parts of his new training to get back into ring shape, and although he's been out of the ring for the past 15 years, the boxing legend's punches are still looking very dangerous. Tyson has also told TMZ that he is looking to "recapture" his former glory by winning by knockout, and that all sounds like Roy Jones Jr. could be in a world of trouble. For his part, Jones has been training with Chris Eubank Jr. to help him prepare for the fight against Tyson.

Whether or not we might see Tyson vs. McBride II remains to be seen, and it would seemingly depend on what happens with Tyson's bout against Jones. Should Tyson come up victorious, he already has another opponent waiting on him if he wants to go again. There must be some appeal in defeating the man who ended his boxing career previously, so if Tyson's feeling good enough after Jones, the rematch just might happen. This news comes to us from TMZ.