For months now, Miles Teller has been rumored to be one of the top candidates to play Reed Richards in 20th Century Fox's The Fantastic Four reboot. Whether or not he will land the role is uncertain, but we do know that testing for the role along with Sue Storm will begin later this month, with Michael B. Jordan reportedly attached to play Johnny Storm.

No story details have been released thus far, but, during a recent interview for his new comedy That Awkward Moment, Miles Teller says that the superhero reboot may be taking a completely different direction, and will possibly discard the blue uniforms.

"Yeah, I think, you know, if that were to happen, I think the characters would be taken in a different direction than the kind of blue suits and stuff from the franchise that had previously been done, which you'd have to if you're gonna reboot something, you really got to kind of put your own spin on it. But with that being said, all I need is like, a couple weeks to just get my body back in shape. So the answer to that is yes, I could get back in shape."

Our report from earlier this week also revealed that Simon Kinberg recently completed his rewrite of the script, with production scheduled to begin this March, in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Since no one has officially been cast yet, this doesn't give the actors a whole lot of time to prepare for such a big-scale production, so don't be surprised if the shooting schedule is pushed back slightly.

In unrelated news, Miles Teller also confirmed that he was one of the many actors to audition for Star Wars: Episode VII, even though he has never seen a Star Wars movie all the way through.

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"I had an audition for Star Wars so I watched some of Return of the Jedi, but that's about it."

When asked whether he was trying out for a good or bad character, the actor said he wasn't sure, since the script hadn't been completed at the time.

"I think it was a good character, but at that time the script hadn't come out so the sides they were using were very vague."

When asked what character he would love to play in the Star Wars universe, he had this to say.

"No, I just love Harrison Ford, so I guess Han Solo."

Of course, Miles Teller probably hasn't had a lot of time to catch up with the Star Wars saga as of late. His new comedy That Awkward Moment hits theaters January 31, and his indie drama Whiplash was recently acquired for distribution by Sony Pictures. He will next be seen in the highly-anticipated young adult adaptation Divergent, which will be followed next year by the sequel Insurgent.