The super-model/actress talks about her role in the new futuristic sci-fi flick

Take a look at what the world looks like now. Then, picture it after a new race of people took over and there's only a few real humans remaining. Everyone else is genetically enhanced, or a vampire - but not a traditional movie vampire (no sucking blood, people). That's what happens in the new film, Ultraviolet, starring hottie Milla Jovavich.

We recently sat down with the actress to see what it took to get into the role. I will say this: Milla is hot, and she looks even better kicking ass in this movie!

Milla trained with Mike Smith, stunt coordinator of Equilibrium, and his team to get ready for this role. And she's never looked better, and felt better. "Mike was so incredible. There's quite a few things in this movie that just from an action standpoint we've never really seen in a western style martial arts movie. I think it's kind of like setting some sort of line for what a western style martial arts movie could be. I feel really good because it's not a lot of white girls that get to kick butt like that; I was pretty happy."

Ultraviolet was written and directed by Kurt Wimmer; he wrote the script with Milla in mind. When she found that out, it was a no brainer to accept. "It was really, really incredible because it's not every day you get a director sort of writing something for you. So I was really honored and it felt really flattered that he had done that."

And I'm sure he wrote in Milla wearing some sexy outfits, even if they would be uncomfortable for her to put on. "I don't ever want to wear it again for sure. If they ever do a second one, we'll have to think of something else, something better. But it was really cool, I mean really insane in real life. Like, my design partner in my clothing line went to China to visit me cause we were working on stuff. She came over for a few weeks to do some drawings and talk about things. And she came on set, and she was like, 'Oh my G-d, this is so insane.' I mean, it looked clowny."

It wasn't just Milla who had to wear crazy outfits; Nick Chinlund, who plays the main bad guy, Daxus, had to have plugs stuck in his nose the entire movie. Milla joked saying, "Everybody was dressed in these super crazy outfits. It looked like some bad Eurotrash bar, all these men in these kind of like raincoat material in different color jackets. Weird stuff, and then me with that weird kind of crazy, like stripper-friendly, sort of like old Christina Aguilera of before."

She compared it to her modeling experience. "It's so true, I find with modeling and with acting, a lot of things that you look ridiculous in real life, but then on film, something translates. It's really that movie magic thing that happens. I think that's the same reason that like sometimes women will wear outfits that maybe they saw in a picture that looked really good. But when you actually put it on, it just doesn't translate. You're like, 'What happened?' So that's something I learned too from my clothing line. It's really interesting because things look good in a picture don't always work in real life, so you've gotta really be careful."

Milla started training for Ultraviolet at the same time when she was shooting Resident Evil 2. Now, she's getting ready for the third installment of the series. That's right, Alice is back! She couldn't tell us too much about the story, but she did let us know there is a script, and it's done. Even she wasn't sure what she could say or couldn't say about Resident Evil 3.

But she did talk about the differences between Alice and her character in this, Violet. "I think Violet is very much like some mythological character I had in my head, where Alice is a bit more of a modern character in my head. Violet was kind of all my dreams of being a ninja my whole life, like coming true in this moment. There was a bit more of that comic book edge so it was a bit brighter. She doesn't react to a punch or pain in the same way that Alice is a bit more real in that sense. Where Violet, because of the advanced state of her sickness, she's got just super powers and so it really gave me a chance to not make faces and be all super cool. Here, I got to be really gorgeous."

Milla also completed an independent film last year called 45, also starring Aisha Tyler. She is very proud of that film, because of how much hard work went into the whole project. "It's a really small movie that's about domestic violence. The writer and director (Gary Lennon) wrote one of my favorite plays called Blackout. It was really incredible to work on the part because it's something I've experienced growing up and like knowing lots of Eastern European people, domestic violence is a very normal part of life. So it was really important for me to make a movie about a woman who is trying to escape this vicious cycle. It was great. It was an independent film."

As far as Ultraviolet, remember the vampire thing? Well, Milla has a different take on why they aren't the blood-sucking kind. "The whole thing is the vampires, they're just sick people; they call them vampires. It's like the press makes up that name because it's easier than saying hemophage all the time; the whole point was, it just makes you stronger. We didn't want to make a typical vampire movie, it was an action film. I just think it's more a reflection on the fact that people stereotype. And even when it's not what it is, they'll just stereotype you because it's easier."

So what about her clothing line, you ask? Well, Milla and Carmen Hawk started the Jovovich-Hawk style. If you want to check it out, the clothes are available at Barney's, Fred Segal, and Ron Herman.

Ultraviolet is in theaters now; it's rated PG-13.