Ultraviolet: According to our friends over at CHUD.com, Milla Jovovich has been cast Kurt Wimmer's Ultraviolet as a butt-kicking vampire. Here's what Wimmer had to say about it himself:

Yes, it's true, we have cast Milla. Though shooting's a ways off, with all the prep necessary for this film, we've started physical training with her already so we can hit the beach at a sprint. Acting ability was always a given but I was relieved to find that she has excellent fundamental kicking and punching skills as well as a basic coordination that's allowing her to pick up sword and kali-stick basics along with wu shu isometric forms relatively easily. Though it's sometimes also the case with men, I think it's even more common with women that no matter how much training you give them, you'll never be able to convincingly transform them, both in terms of physicality and in terms of attitude, into warriors. It's tricky business - Linda H. Sigourney, maybe a few others - the list of success isn't very long. But when I watch the tapes of our sessions with Milla, sword arced over her head, I can see in her eyes - she's a killer.