Milla Jovovich recently expressed some interest in playing the role of 'Alice' in the movie adaptation of American Mcgee's Alice videogame. Although Craven/Maddalena Films states that Jovovich has NOT been cast, these IGN clips do prove she's highly interested:

Watch Clip 1: CLICK HERE

Watch Clip 2: CLICK HERE

Watch Clip 3: CLICK HERE

Dark Horizon Interviews:Garth over at Dark Horizons has recently pulled off some amazing interviews:

* Memento director, Chrisopher Nolan, about his latest project, Insomnia. CLICK HERE

* Spider-man producer, Laura Ziskin. CLICK HERE

* Spider-man comic producer, Avi Arad, about his involvement in Spider-man. CLICK HERE

Spider-man: The new Spider-man TV Spot is up exclusively at Super Hero in Windows Media, and Real Player formats. CLICK HERE

Frailty: As the "Texas Gothic" opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, IGN has landed an interview with Actor/Director Bill Paxton dealing with the trials and tribulations of his directorial debut. CLICK HERE for the interview!

Silent Hill & Metal Gear Rumors: The rumors came flooding in this week as Bloody Disgusting reported the interest of New Line Cinema in the making of some more video game movies, namely Silent Hill & Metal Gear. Well, it looks like the reps over at New Line have officially debunked these rumors over at IGN's Filmforce. Looks like Bloody Disgusting has taken down their false report as well.

Freddy Vs. Jason:On the verge of pulling itself out of development hell, recently reported that New Line co-chairman has officially approved the script for Freddy Vs. Jason.

"The basic idea is how does Freddy come back after his banishment and how does he use Jason and eventually have to vanquish him, and then how do the children of Elm Street have to get rid of everybody?"

"Now, I think one of the two characters is going to try to enlist the other in concert to come back again and maybe not have to leave. That's basically what the storyline is."

Stay tuned...~Brian