Resident Evil: Apocalypse:MTV recently caught up with actress Milla Jovovich to discuss the details of the upcoming zombie-fest, Resident Evil: Apocalypse...

"At the end of the first movie my character survives by the skin of her teeth and she enters this city, and it's completely destroyed, and we don't really know what's going on," a parka-covered Jovovich explained on the set between takes. "At the beginning of this one we pick that up and we see the back history of how the city became deserted, and we meet all of the characters." RELATED: First Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Clip Arrives with New Posters

Among those characters is Jill Valentine, the beloved heroine of the game who was absent from the first flick and its story about the "T-Virus" that turns a team of scientists into mindless undead killers. "Jill Valentine being in the movie is so cool and she looks amazing," Jovovich gushed.

"I've been told a lot about Jill and when I tell other people I'm playing her, they're like, 'You must be scared,' and 'That's such a big responsibility,' " Sienna Guillory laughed. "She's awesome, she kicks ass and people love her."

Along with adding Valentine, "Apocalypse" further explores the possibilities of the "Resident Evil" premise, something Jovovich was particularly excited about when she read the script. "There are so many great ideas about the whole concept of the T-Virus and what it is, like, it could be a facial cream that improves your look and it could also make you undead. So what does this mean to the world? What does this mean to humanity? Could the T-Virus be used for something good?

"We [also] have girls in short skirts, lots of blood and lots of guns," she playfully added about the flick.

The movie, set for release October 1, will pit the two heroines against the zombies, their corporate creators and a giant monster called Nemesis.

"Nemesis has a helicopter gun that he uses as a hand gun," Milla explained excitedly. "There's this scene in a hallway where I'm running from the Nemesis and he takes out the gun and shoots at me. And literally, it's the first time anything like this has been filmed. It fires like 1,500 bullets a minute.

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