Ultraviolet:Sci Fi Wire recently talked to Resident Evil: Apocalypse star, Milla Jovovich, about her next project, Ultraviolet, which co-stars 11-year-old Cameron Bright (Godsend).

Milla Jovovich, star of the upcoming SF movie Ultraviolet, told SCI FI Wire that she just completed production on the movie, which shot for seven months in China and Hong Kong under writer/director Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium). "I just got back last month," Jovovich (the upcoming Resident Evil: Apocalypse) said in an interview. "It's super cool. It's very different from Resident Evil, but it's a sci-fi movie, and there is a virus in it. But those are the only similarities."

Ultraviolet (not to be confused with the British vampire TV series of the same name) deals with a war in the 21st century between humans and those infected with a disease that turns them into superhuman but short-lived vampire-like creatures. "My character ... [has] this sickness," she said. "It's an epidemic that's spread in the world where all sicknesses have been cured, ... except for this one epidemic that the government has created and in a way [is] using for their own benefit. But it gets out, and they're trying to annihilate everybody that has it. Now the people that have it realize what's going on and go underground."

Jovovich plays a leader of the resistance. "I'm on my last 36 hours of life when the movie starts, ... and my last mission before I go, because I'm a revolutionary, is to strap bombs to my chest and explode this huge government building where the nemesis guy who's controlling everything is and pretty much destroy the Establishment. But through this, I get sort of thrown in with this 9-year-old boy, and I have to be like a mom. ... It's like a remake of Gloria, but in the future, with lots of great martial arts and special effects."

Ultraviolet is scheduled for a 2005 release.