Nintendo fans all over the world have been speculating about the release of a possible Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic ever since the NES Classic (kind of) hit the shelves late in 2016. And now Nintendo has officially announced it. The NES Classic came out in November of 2016 and instantly sold out everywhere due to limited stock being produced and led to widespread secondary market sales before and after the holiday season. Though the list price was $59.99 USD, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who spent less than $200 on one before Christmas with many auctions getting nearly $500 for one of the miniature systems.

The announcement of the SNES Classic was made via Nintendo's Twitter account with a release date of September 29th, 2017 in North America. The miniature system will contain 21 classic games built into the tiny handheld replica of an SNES this time around with a previously unreleased Star Fox 2 with an $80 USD price tag. This is 9 games less than the NES Classic, but the system will come standard with 2 controllers unlike the NES version. In addition to Star Fox 2, the other games included are Contra III: The Alien Wars, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Final Fantasy III, F-ZERO, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Course, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Mega Man X, Secret of Mana, Star Fox, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Castlevania IV, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Super Punch-Out!!, and Yoshi's Island.

The miniature console will have a region specific design as well. Europe and other territories will receive the Super Famicon style, which is the same console with a different visual design. There is no doubt that this will be the hot ticket item this holiday season, so do yourself a favor and preorder as soon as you can to avoid shopping on the secondary market. The NES Classic launched in November of 2016 and sold over 2.3 million units, but was never readily available in stores or online. Instead of producing more of the hot item, Nintendo chose to simply discontinue it. It is unclear if Nintendo decided to discontinue the console after hackers figured out a way to illegally load up another 670 games on to the console using ROMs from online.

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System came out in Japan as the Super Famicom in November of 1990 and the Super Nintendo in North America bundled with Super Mario World in August of 1991. To say that the new 16-bit system was in high demand would be a serious understatement. The release of the SNES sparked the console war between the Sega Genesis (deemed as the cooler of the consoles) and the Super Nintendo, but Nintendo sold more units. 49.1 million units were sold worldwide. Though many "purist" gamers considered the Genesis to be the cooler system, Nintendo was able to secure the rights to Capcoms' Street Fighter II, which helped Nintendo sell a lot more consoles.

Nintendo's latest console, the Switch was launched in March of this year and is still hard to get in stores, almost guaranteeing that the SNES Classic will be near impossible to obtain in stores on the day of launch. If preorders are offered, take advantage or go make friends with the dudes at Game Stop because this will sell out. It is not clear if Nintendo will be making the SNES Classic a limited item like the NES Classic, but the odds sure seem to point that way so don't sleep on it this time around.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick