You can bring home one of Steven Spielberg's biggest hits in high definition this April. Minority Report will finally be released on Blu-ray on April 20. We don't have any pricing details or cover art images as of yet, but you can take a look at the special features below. The film stars Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow and Neal McDonough.

Based on a short story by the late Philip K. Dick, this science fiction-thriller reflects the writer's familiar preoccupation with themes of concealed identity and mind control. Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a Washington, D.C. detective in the year 2054. Anderton works for "Precrime," a special unit of the police department that arrests murderers before they have committed the actual crime. Precrime bases its work on the visions of three psychics or "precogs" whose prophecies of future events are never in error. When Anderton discovers that he has been identified as the future killer of a man he's never met, he is forced to become a fugitive from his own colleagues as he tries to uncover the mystery of the victim-to-be's identity. When he kidnaps Agatha (Samantha Morton), one of the precogs, he begins to formulate a theory about a possible frame-up from within his own department. Directed by Steven Spielberg, who hired a team of futurists to devise the film's numerous technologically advanced gadgets, Minority Report co-stars Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow, and Neal McDonough.

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Special Features:

  • The Future According to Steven Spielberg HD
  • - Inside The World of Precrime HD
  • - Phillip K. Dick, Steven Speilberg and Minority Report HD
  • - Minority Report: Future Realized HD
  • - Minority Report: Props of the Future HD
  • - Highlights from Minority Report: From the Set
  • - Minority Report: Commercials of the Future HD
  • - Previz Sequences
  • - From Story to Screen
  • - Deconstructing Minority Report
  • - The Stunts of Minority Report
  • - ILM and Minority Report
  • - Final Report
  • - Production Concepts
  • - Storyboard Sequences
  • - Trailers