The Weinstein Company has just pulled a hat trick in terms of overturning a movie's rating with the MPAA. Last year, they managed to get Blue Valentine's NC-17 turned into an R, and then they got The King's Speech's R turned into a PG-13 after muffling a few F words. Now, they've gotten the MPAA to overturn Miral's rating from an R to a PG-13.

Here is the official statement from the MPAA.

"The Classification and Rating Appeals Board today overturned the R rating given to the movie Miral. The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) had assigned the movie an R rating for "some violent content including a sexual assault." The film is now rated PG-13, on appeal, for "thematic material, and some violent content including a sexual assault."

Directed by Julian Schnabel, Miral is a visceral, first-person diary about a young girl (Freida Pinto) growing up in East Jerusalem, where she must confront the effects of occupation and war on every corner of her life.