The Weinstein Company has just pulled a hat trick in terms of overturning a movie's rating with the MPAA. Last year, they managed to get Blue Valentine's NC-17 turned into an R, and then they got The King's Speech's R turned into a PG-13 after muffling a few F words. Now, they've gotten the MPAA to overturn Miral's rating from an R to a PG-13.

Here is the official statement from the MPAA.

"The Classification and Rating Appeals Board today overturned the R rating given to the movie Miral. The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) had assigned the movie an R rating for "some violent content including a sexual assault." The film is now rated PG-13, on appeal, for "thematic material, and some violent content including a sexual assault."

Directed by Julian Schnabel, Miral is a visceral, first-person diary about a young girl (Freida Pinto) growing up in East Jerusalem, where she must confront the effects of occupation and war on every corner of her life.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange