Miramax has boarded Muchas Gracias, Bob Oppenheimer, a period romantic drama from producer Mark Gordon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film centers on an American serviceman in the 1960s who is sent on an appeasement mission to a fishing town in Spain after a U.S. military plane crash results in the accidental detonation of four hydrogen bombs; in addition to his role with the locals, the serviceman also embarks on a relationship.

The project draws from the true story of Palomares, Spain, where in 1966 an American B-52 bomber crashed and released more than 1,000 tons of nuclear material.

Television series creator Bob Dolan Smith (Grace Under Fire) wrote the first draft of the screenplay, with a new draft now being written by the UTA-repped Daniel Taplitz.

As a period film with military themes, Muchas Gracias, Bob Oppenheimer shares elements with Saving Private Ryan, which Gordon produced.

No production date has been set.