Pepe Le Pew getting shelved at Warner Bros. has generated widespread controversy on social media in recent days, and many people on Twitter are arguing that if the Looney Tunes skunk is canceled, then Miss Piggy should be next. The news of Pepe getting the boot follows a recent New York Times op-ed criticizing the character for normalizing rape culture along with the revelation that Pepe had been completely cut from the upcoming sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Online, Pepe's apparent firing has generated nonstop chatter from people on social media offering mixed opinions. Criticizing Warner Bros. for canceling the cartoon character, some people on Twitter say Miss Piggy should also be booted from The Muppets in the interest of fairness, based on her history of "sexual harassment" and "domestic violence" toward Kermit the Frog and others in various iterations of The Muppet Show.

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"Ok! I'm holding Miss Piggy accountable since we're going down this route," reads one tweet. "Exessive violence towards guests and a variety of Muppets PLUS various examples of sexual harassment toward Kermit the frog."

"Never thought I'd see the day when Pepe Le Pew would get cancelled," says another Pepe fan on Twitter. "Can't wait to see Miss Piggy cancelled for physical and emotional abuse toward Kermit. She's been karate chopping him since the 70's, poor little bastard."

Another fan agrees by writing: "What about Miss Piggy? She does the same to Kermit just about, but from the female point of view. We need to get rid of Miss Piggy as well. We need to cancel all cartoons from back in the day cause they all don't fit in today's society. We are all screwed up from watching these."

This fan also puts it bluntly: "CANCEL MISS PIGGY AS WELL THEN! She is the female version of Pepe....... What's good for the geese is good for the gander no?"

"Cancel Miss Piggy also, for abusing and harassing Kermit Frog. He repeatedly rejected her but she kept advancing. also beat him up more than once," reads yet another tweet.

Along with Pepe Le Pew's removal from Space Jam 2, word is there are no plans to bring back Pepe Le Pew for any other Looney Tunes projects at Warner Bros. Linda Jones, the daughter of Pepe Le Pew creator Chuck Jones, has decried the decision to cancel the cartoon skunk, arguing that the character was only meant to entertain and make people laugh. Her idea was for Warner Bros. to bring Pepe back with a new gimmick, perhaps by rebranding him as a perpetual job-seeker who keeps getting rejected for work.

In any case, several other animated characters have also come under scrutiny under the trending hashtag #CancelACartoonCharacter, though they mostly seem to be in jest. One popular tweet suggests Angelica from Rugrats, saying the spoiled child was "basically a Karen before it had a name." Another accuses Clifford the Big Red Dog of using steroids and profiting from his illegal drug use. Meanwhile, multiple tweets have accused Dale Gribble of King of the Hill of likely storming the Capitol building in January. You can see some of these other suggestions on Twitter.