Aside from the occasional set video or photo, and the fact that production halted for exact one week so that the ending could be prepped, we still don't know much about Mission: Impossible 5. That all changed today when director Christopher McQuarrie jumped on Twitter to answer some fan questions. In a surprising move, he offered up plenty of information, and wasn't shy about what we can expect to see this summer.

Christopher McQuarrie reveals that a trailer is on its way quite soon. Though, he doesn't give an exact date. The fact that he just did this Q&A indicates that it could be here as early as this coming week. He also went into why Paula Patton and Maggie Q did not return. They simply were not available.

The highlights of the Q&A include the fact that not only will we be getting a trailer, but also the first poster, the movie's official title, and promotional photos of the cast any minute now. The end of the movie did not have to be reshot. It just needed more time to get prepped, and is currently shooting throughout the weekend and into next week. Mission: Impossible 5 will also pay homage to the original Mission: Impossible TV show, and will have an 'old-school' vibe throughout.

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Mission: Impossible 5 is also giving Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames more to do this time out, with both getting expanded roles. And Simon Pegg is promised more action. Sean Harris will play the sequel's main villain. You can check out the best of the tweets here:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange