Alright, Mission: Impossible fans, it's time to really get excited. Is this the Super Bowl or Comic-Con? The first official trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout just aired during Super Bowl 2018 and it's kind of insane. Is there anything Tom Cruise won't do for a shot? After breaking his ankle, Cruise is back on the set, finishing up the final scenes with a foot that's still more than a little broken, but Tom Cruise isn't going to let a little broken bone stop him from making sure that Mission: Impossible 6 make it to theaters on time.

The new trailer is basically a longer version of the tiny teasers that we were treated to earlier this week. However, it's still not clear why Henry Cavill is punching air. Perhaps we'll find out in the next trailer that gets released. Mission: Impossible 6 might be the most action-packed installment in franchise history by the looks of this first trailer. The stunts look natural and next-level, which is refreshing in this era of CGI. While the action is cool, the best part of the new trailer is getting to see Henry Cavill and his mustache on full display.

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The race against time looks way more intense in the short trailer, so much so that the trailer should have come with some kind of warning. Tom Cruise looks pretty bad ass clinging to a helicopter, but one has a hard time watching him do these stunts and wondering about him seriously injuring himself. Whatever, it still looks pretty amazing and the trailer does an excellent job of leaving everybody wanting more, which is precisely what it's supposed to do.

Henry Cavill plays the mysterious August McQuarrie, who is the villain in the movie. Though it's kind of weird to picture Superman as a bad guy, the mustache goes a long way to show that he's a different dude, much like Clark Kent's glasses. Mission: Impossible 6 is the reason that Cavill looks completely ridiculous in some of the shots in Justice League. Producers wouldn't let the actor shave his mustache when he went in to do the reshoots for Justice League, so we're left with a really bad CGI version of mustache removal. They would have been better off finding the guy behind the FakeApp software because that guy is a genius.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is still on schedule to hit theaters on July 27th even after Tom Cruise's broken ankle shut down production for a few months. The actor recently admitted that his ankle has not fully healed yet, so he's still running around the set on a bad ankle. Cruise is committed to his craft and nobody can say anything different. If you missed the Super Bowl, you're in luck. You can check out the very first trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout below, via Paramount Pictures.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick