You won't be mistaking Henry Cavill's latest character for Superman anytime soon. The Justice League actor quickly transitioned from the world of DC superheroes to the action-packed spy universe of Mission: Impossible 6 this month, and today, we have a first look. Don't be surprised if it leaves you asking, okay, so where is Henry Cavill? Cause he's barely recognizable.

Many people often wonder how a pair of glasses make it impossible to distinguish between Clark Kent and Kal-El. Before Batman V Superman hit theaters, Cavill walked the streets of New York, where giant billboards were plastered everywhere, to see if anyone would recognize him as Superman, even without glasses. And no one did. Now, he's donned a mustache for his latest role, and we bet he goes unrecognized yet again.

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Christopher McQuarrie, who returns to write and director Mission: Impossible 6 after bringing in Rogue Nation to thunderous applause, shared this first look photo from his latest adventure on Instagram. He's seen alongside not only Cavill but also leading man Tom Cruise. They are currently shooting scenes in Paris. France. And the team is working under the codename Gemini. While a full title for the sequel hasn't been released, it isn't known if Gemini is some sort of clue or hint as to what we can expect in this next outing.

Though, we can certainly expect to see Henry Cavill rocking a pretty mean mustache. It is believed Cavill was brought into replace Jeremy Renner, who couldn't make it this time out due to his set responsibilities on not only the upcoming sequel Avengers: Infinity War but also his role as Hawkeye in the sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp, which is being shot simultaneously this summer with the two back-to-back Avengers outings.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance are once again teaming up on Mission Impossible 6. No story details have been unveiled at this time, but the movie does feature Tom Cruise's biggest stunt to date. He reportedly spent more than a year working to perfect it. And we've also seen recent set video that shows Cruise flying off a motorcycle after T-boning a fast moving car.

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt will once again be joined by previous sequel stars Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Sean Harris and Alec Baldwin. Also joining the melee is The Crown and Everest star Vanessa Kirby. Christopher McQuarrie's return for part 6 marks the first time a director has been behind two of the sequels. Brian De Palma kick started the franchise with his initial adaptation of the popular spy TV show, followed by sequels that were directed by John Woo, J.J, Abrams and Brad Bird. This particular installment will delve into the emotional depths of Ethan Hunt as a character, but it certainly won't be shy on the action and excitement. You can take a look at the image below. Mission: Impossible 6 is in theaters July 27, 2018. A title and perhaps the first teaser should be released sometime this summer.

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