A brand new photo from Mission: Impossible 6 has surfaced. Director Christopher McQuarrie shared the photo on social media, which reunites Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. This is the first official photo that's been released since Cruise suffered his severe injury while filming the movie back in August. Things seem to be moving right along now though and the movie should still be able to make its July 27, 2018, release date, despite the delay.

The new Mission: Impossible 6 photo looks great, in stark black and white, with Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt out in front and Simon Pegg's loyal Benji Dunn behind him. The photo doesn't really tell us anything about the movie, but it does serve as a reminder that we're in for another (hopefully) excellent spy adventure next year. With Spectre having disappointed in 2015, Mission: Impossible really has become the premiere spy franchise in Hollywood at the moment. Let's just hope they can keep the hot streak going for at least one more movie.

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At the moment, no official plot details have been released for Mission: Impossible 6. Most people have been pretty content talking about Henry Cavill's mustache, which he's sporting in the movie. Though, it did wind up being quite the expensive problem for Justice League. The studio seems to be keeping things under wraps, for now. However, if they are going to stick to the July 2018 release date, we're likely to get some details soon. In all likelihood, we could end up seeing a teaser trailer before the end of the year attached to one of the blockbusters arriving in theaters in December. They've certainly been filming long enough to cut together a trailer and, given the halt in production for Tom Cruise's injury, they had some time to get some footage looking nice and polished.

The Mission: Impossible franchises got its somewhat humble start in 1996. Not that the movie wasn't financially successful, but it was hard to imagine at the time that the best movies would come more than a decade later when Tom Cruise was in his 50s. Both Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation are the highest-grossing and most critically-praised entries in the series to date. The franchise, in total, has brought in $2.77 billion worldwide. At this point, we should all just be thankful that Mission: Impossible II didn't kill the franchise for good.

Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Sean Harris, and Alec Baldwin join Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise this time around. Cruise is 55-years-old and, though he still looks great in action flicks, one wonders how many more of these he can do. Will Mission: Impossible 6 be Ethan Hunt's final go? We'll have to wait and see. For now, be sure to check out the new photo from the movie, courtesy of Christopher McQuarrie, for yourself below.

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