Did you forget that Tom Cruise was in the midst of shooting Mission: Impossible 6? He proved he was far from done with this anticipated sequel just yet, as he made quite the scene running across the top of an iconic landmark in central London. And it turned out to be quite the spectacle.

Tom Cruise was shooting M:I 6 in central London over the weekend, where he engaged in one of the franchise's signature hair-raising stunts. This time, the Hollywood icon was seen running across the roof of the famous Blackfriars rail bridge. Despite icy January temperatures, the 55 year-old actor had no problem sprinting high above the Thames. All the while, a low-flying helicopter appeared to be in pursuit. Though it was in place to actual capture the stunt as it took place.

Traffic in central London was forced to a standstill, which didn't make some locals very happy. No one was allowed to cross the Blackfriars Bridge. And production kept all boats from entering the area for the duration of this particular portion of the delayed shoot. The action scene was supposed to take place last year, but Cruise ran into some problems on set that delayed everything except the release date.

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As it has been widely reported for years now, Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunts in not just the Mission: Impossible series, but any movie that asks him to run, jog, jump, shoot or drive a big vehicle in a dangerous manner. Last year, Cruise injured his leg when he misjudged a jump between two buildings taking place in the London capital.

The actor made his way back to set this Saturday looking in top shape. Tourists standing by to watch were treated to a pre-show warm-up that had Cruise doing various minimal exercises while wearing a thick winter coat.

One aspect of the London street life that wasn't put on hold were the Thameslink trains. They continued to pass underneath Cruise as he performed his death defying stunts for the day. The commuters below were mostly unaware that film history was happening just above their heads. Cruise performed several takes, which found him parting south across the river. Every time he finished a take, he was quick to jump back in his heavy coat.

Cruise had injured his ankle in mid-August, and some of the shoot resumed in October. This new adventure will see Cruise driving a big truck, and piloting his own helicopter. And it is said to have the biggest stunt ever performed for a Mission: Impossible movie. There is no indication as to how long the rest of the shoot will last.

Mission: Impossible 6 is less than seven months away from release, and will be in theaters July 27, 2018. The injury didn't postponed the movie, and it looks to be on track. Tom Cruise is reunited with several of his MIssion: Impossible franchise stars, including Ving Rhames (Luther Stickle), who has starred in all six movies alongside Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn), the tech expert who first debuted in Mission: Impossible III, Rebecca Ferguson (Ilsa Faust), who returns from Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and Michelle Monaghan (Julia Meade), who made her debut in Mission: Impossible III as Ethan Hunt's new wife. Franchise newcomers include Henry Cavill, who is believed to be playing the right hand man of Alec Baldwin's returning character Alan Hunley, the head of Ethan Hunt's IMF unit. You can check out some of the images below thanks to CBC Ottawa's Twitter.

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