With exactly four months left until Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits theaters, director Christopher McQuarrie revealed earlier this week that production had finally wrapped on the film. After a whopping 161 days of filming, the production still needed one final shot, one which they only get one chance a day to shoot, and they finally got the shot they needed. Here's what Christopher McQuarrie had to say about the shot, which begins at 25,000 feet above the earth in the back of an airplane.

"Just one shot left. At 25,000 feet At 200 mph. At dusk. Three minutes of available light 
Two minutes of action. One chance per day. Just one. Just one shot left #MissionImpossibleFallout"

It seems that the director and star Tom Cruise had been attempting this shot for a good portion of this month, with the filmmaker posting photos from this plane as early as March 7, with another shot of Tom Cruise in a full aerial suit, complete with a helmet and oxygen mask, on March 13. Then on March 25, the filmmaker finally got the perfect shot he needed, as production finally wrapped on Mission: Impossible Fallout, nearly a year after principal photography first started in early April 2017. Here's what the director had to say about this epic shoot.

"Day 161 and that's a wrap. Our deepest appreciation to our incredible splinter unit for your patience and fortitude. Sincerest thanks to Her Excellency Maryam Al Mheiri, twofour54, The Abu Dhabi Film Commission and the UAE Armed Forces for making us feel so welcome. Everything is impossible until it's been done and together we did it. #MissionImpossibleFallout #inabudhabi"

While the 161-day shoot amounts to just over five months of filming, there was also quite a long hiatus in the production as well. Tom Cruise was sidelined for seven weeks after breaking his ankle during a seemingly routine stunt, where he jumped from the roof of one building to another, although previous report claimed he could have been out for over four months. Still, McQuarrie announced in late February that the main unit had wrapped, while telling the "splinter unit" to "mount up," as it was time to, "shoot the stunt."

Unfortunately, neither director Christopher McQuarrie nor Tom Cruise have divulged any details on "the stunt," but this final shot may have been the stunt that producer David Ellison was referring to in a March 2017 interview, when he claimed this movie would feature Tom Cruise's biggest stunt yet. The producer didn't offer any specifics on the stunt, but he said that the actor had been training for the stunt for over a year, adding that it will be, "the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie." We have already seen in previous previews that Tom Cruise already trained to become an expert helicopter pilot in a short amount of time, but if the actor known for his death-defying stunt work is doing something with skydiving for this Fallout stunt, it very well could top his Rogue Nation stunt where he was hanging on to a cargo plane as it took off. Take a look at the final set photos courtesy of Christopher McQuarrie Instagram.

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