The Good

This 7 disc release containing 28 episodes is just fantastic.

The Bad

No extra features.

Mission Impossible: The Complete First Season contains 28 episodes from this landmark show. Giving us the first glimpse of the "Impossible Missions Force" we get to see the Leader, the Tech Expert, The Muscle, the Master of Disguise and The Femme Fatale in action. This first season features memory experts and traitors ("Memory"), tricking an arms buyer into losing 1.5 million dollars ("Odds On Evil"), and infiltration of Nazis in South America ("The Legend") among it's many offerings. The depth of information, tricks and tactics employed in every show is just astonishing. Also, the acting was always right on and the Master of Disguise (while primitive by today's standards), looked pretty darn convincing during the time that this show was on the air.

This TV on DVD release is long awaited and despite being void of any extras, should make the fans welcome Mission Impossible: The Complete First Season with open arms.


No Extras came with this release.


Full Screen Format. These shows looked solid. I had always noticed something about the pastel colors employed in this show that made it stand out. It was as if we were seeing paintings being created and the end result of each mission was the final portrait. I think that the DVD compression has enhanced the look of the show, but it hasn't over enhanced them so that there is a marked difference. Fans of this show are getting these episodes pretty much as they remember them, yet a slight step up from their current TV form.


Dolby Digital - English 5.1 Surround - English Mono. Now the audio on these discs is a lot different than I remember it sounding on the show. They have really done something here because I don't ever remember being able to hear things on the KDOC (a local TV station on Orange County) syndication versions like I did here. All the audio sounds like it's enhanced. Whether it be gunshots, explosions, or just normal conversations, the audio on this set is a true standout.


This gold tinted cover features the cast of the show and that iconic shot of a fuse being lit. The back cover contains images of the tape recorder self destructing, a map of the world, a description of the show and some technical specs. All seven discs are stored in four cases, with different shots of the cast members on each one. The backs of these covers list out the episodes as well provide us with more pictures from the show. This set is packed, feels heavy, yet should be pretty economical in your collection.

Final Word

Something happened to me through KDOC. I used to have Mission Impossible on every day in the background as I was working (KDOC no longer carries the show). Without really watching the show, I came to understand all the characters and the situations with which they were faced. In fact, I had seen the Tom Cruise movies before I had ever watched a frame of this show I believe. So when I got the chance to review Mission Impossible: The Complete First Season, I jumped it at. It was truly an experience getting to see these shows enhanced by the powers of DVD. While I didn't think there was any problem with them in their analog form on KDOC, I really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with the set here. This show was truly and always pushing itself to tell unique stories.

Mission: Impossible was released .