The trailer for Mister America dropped today, shining a light on a controversial campaign for the District Attorney of San Bernardino position. It's controversial because, well, the candidate, "isn't a lawyer, doesn't live in San Bernardino" and is "perceived as a murderer who got away with it." Mister America comes from the comedic minds behind Decker and the podcast turned Adult Swim web series On Cinema.

The film follows a fictionalized version of Tim Heidecker as he campaigns to be the next DA of San Bernardino. It begins as a profile on an outsider candidate battling against the current. The trailer presents a man who has "everything on the line emotionally [and] financially." He puts all his effort into a campaign he claims is to, "shake things up because San Bernardino has become so corrupt," but he raises eyebrows with his promises to put anyone who commits a crime "on his watch" in jail forever and accuses the incumbent DA of being a "total rat."

Tim and his inexperienced campaign manager are outmatched when they decide to take on the popular incumbent. They're low on funds, turning to GoFundMe despite her reservations. They have no experience and no connections, so Tim tries to connect with voters, but the trailer gives us a glimpse at his difficulty. As he passes out flyers, a restaurant patron argues that he has, "no right to be [there] after what [he] did."

Greg Turkington thinks he's running in order to get his revenge, others think he should be charged for his crimes. As word of his campaign spreads, Tim's former associates try to warn the public with stories of bad business deals, strained friendships and a failed court case in which he found himself accused of murder by way of faulty e-cigarettes. As Tim's motivations and controversial past unravel his candidacy, the film becomes a study of toxic delusions. With just days until the election, he has to confront the unexpected costs of pursuing his dream.

The film is seen as an extension of Tim's character from On Cinema and is written by the series' hosts Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington as well as Eric Notarnicola, who oversaw many episodes of the series. It stars Heidecker, Turkington and Terri Parks. Aside from serving as co-writer, Notarnicola also directed the comedy.

Prior to Mister America, Heidecker can be seen in roles in films like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Us as well as one half of the comedy duo Tim & Eric. He is also one of the creators of the outlandish Adult Swim comedy series Check it Out with Steve Brule, which features John C. Reilly as an awkward cable TV talk-show host. Turkington appeared in Ant-Man and the indie drama Entertainment.

Magnolia Pictures will release Mister America on October 9th, in special one-night only screenings, which will also feature a Q&A with Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington. The film opens in New York and Los Angeles theaters October 9, 2019. This comes from Magnolia Pictures. You can watch the highlights from all 6 days of the Tim Heidecker Murder Trial which lead directly into this new movie.

Mister America poster