Legendary television personality Fred Rogers was honored by newborn babies wearing miniature Mister Rogers outfits on Cardigan Day. To commemorate World Kindness Day, Allegheny Health Network's West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh dressed up the newborns in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood costumes, and it's one of the cutest things you'll ever see. As Rogers was from Pittsburgh, the city also acknowledges him for something called Cardigan Day, which also led to outfitting the babies in little red cardigans. "In Pittsburgh, we are also celebrating Cardigan Day, in honor of Pittsburgher Fred Rogers, who modeled kindness and compassion to children," says spokesperson Stephanie Waite.

From behind the nursery glass, all of the parents of the newborns were able to watch as the nurses dressed up the babies to look like tiny versions of Mister Rogers. The parents were also able to keep the photos and Mister Rogers costumes. On Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Rogers was known for wearing his trademark cardigan sweaters, most often seen in one red in color. Similarly, all of the babies are wearing red cardigans with their own little ties as well. This is also said to be nothing new for Allegheny Health Network's West Penn Hospital, as similar photo shoots have taken place on other holidays and special occasions. "We always get such a positive reaction to the photos -- the babies are so adorable," Waite adds.

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Fred Rogers is best known for hosting the PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for over three decades, starting in the '60s and retiring in 2001 after airing more than 900 episodes. The show was critically acclaimed for focusing on the emotional and physical concerns of children as they pertain to serious issues. Rogers was also known for his warm demeanor and gentle nature, considered by many to be among the most kind individuals to have ever lived. Nearly 17 years past his death, Rogers continues to be remembered this way, making it appropriate for him to always be honored annually on World Kindness Day.

The life and career of Rogers has been explored in the moving documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor?, showing viewers an even better look at all of the wonderful things Rogers had accomplished in his life. His story will be touched on once again on the big screen in the new biopic A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, with Hollywood star Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. The movie will also star Matthew Rhys as a struggling journalist who agrees to pen a story about Rogers, and their subsequent interactions completely transforms the writer's outlook on life. It is based on an actual Esquire article about Rogers which was printed in 1998, and you can watch the movie when it is released in theaters next week on Nov. 22.

Certainly, Rogers would be proud of the legacy he has left behind, as the lessons he's taught us continue to live on. The man was a one of a kind person and there will never be anyone else quite like him, and it's really nice to see his memory continue to be honored year after year. This news comes to us from CNN.