Cinema history's funniest corpse enjoyed watching some baseball this week, as a Weekend at Bernie's cutout was spotted in the crowd of the Royals/Cubs game at Kauffman Stadium. For this year's MLB season, teams have been playing games with no fans in attendance in the interest of public safety. Because leaving the seats empty is perhaps a bit too boring, teams have been filling them with cardboard cutouts of people to help give the illusion that there are fans watching in the crowd. For the most part, the cutouts are of ordinary fans or baseball players, but the people at Kauffman Stadium chose to get a bit more creative.

As seen on television, a cutout of Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernie's was seen in the front row right behind home plate on Thursday evening's game between the Kansas City Royals and the Chicago Cubs. From his sunglasses and mustache to the familiar blue jacket, Bernie is instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen the classic comedy movie. Of course, fans were quick to notice, and many had taken to social media to express their excitement over the fun movie reference. "Well played @Royals love to see Bernie getting a good game day experience," one tweet reads, as many others have also been posting photos of their Bernie sightings on Twitter.

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Weekend at Bernie's starred Terry Kiser as the titular Bernie Lomax, a businessman who's murdered by mobsters ahead of a planned party at his mansion. Also starring are Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman as two of his employees who oddly decide to pretend that Bernie is still alive in order to enjoy the rest of the festivities at the party. Despite the dark premise, the movie is hilarious and remains one of the most memorable comedies of its era. The movie remains a cult classic to this day, and Kiser's performance as the dead Bernie is particularly well-remembered by fans.

Kiser also played Bernie in the 1993 sequel, Weekend at Bernie's II, which was written and directed by original screenwriter Robert Klane. With McCarthy and Silverman also returning, the sequel is much zanier than the first, as Bernie gets reanimated after a voodoo ritual is performed on his body. Though still dead, Bernie is able to dance as he walks, but only when he hears music. The sequel did not reach the same levels of success as the original, but it's not without its charm and is certainly memorable in its own ways as well.

The Royals have also hidden other pop culture references in their audience as well, such as cutouts of Stormtroopers from Star Wars. Still, perhaps it was having Bernie Lomax watching the game front and center that helped to give the Royals the luck they needed on Thursday night. Coming into the MLB game with 3-10 on the season so far, the Royals decimated the Cubs on Saturday night with a 13-2 win. Who knew that a Weekend at Bernie's cutout would prove to be a good luck charm? The tweet shown above comes to us from Derek Montilla on Twitter.