Momentum Pictures has released the first poster for the upcoming dark comedy Mom and Dad, which comes just a few weeks after the crazy trailer was unleashed late last month. In case you missed it, we have the first footage below, along with this one-sheet revealing some of the most intense scenes from this twisted thriller that presents a frightening scenario for any parent and child. This pitch-black horror-comedy is set during a worldwide mass hysteria where, for 24 brutal hours, parents turn violently against their own children.

The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and would later screen at Fantastic Fest later that month and at the Stiges Film Festival last October. The film also stars Anne Winters as Carly Ryan, the daughter of Brent (Nicolas Cage) and Kendall Ryan (Selma Blair), Zackary Arthur as the youngest Ryan child, Josh, Olivia Crocicchia as Carly's friend Riley, Rachel Melvin as Jeanne and Lance Henriksen in an unspecified role. This film marks the return of director Brian Taylor with his first film in six years, and also his first solo directorial outing.

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Brian Taylor was once part of the "Neveldine/Taylor" directing team, along with Mark Neveldine, who made their debut with 2006's Crank, and followed that up with 2009's Crank: High Voltage, 2009's Gamer and 2011's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. This marks the first film that Brian Taylor has directed on his own, reuniting the filmmaker with star Nicolas Cage. While Mom and Dad premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, Brian Taylor revealed that this reunion almost happened much sooner, with the director stating that Nicolas Cage almost starred in his Twisted Metal movie, although that particular project never saw the light of day.

Brian Taylor has also been keeping busy on the small screen as well, co-creating the Syfy series Happy! with Grant Morrison and also directing four of the episodes from the first season thus far. Mark Neveldine has also struck out on his own as well, directing The Vatican Tapes, his first solo directorial outing, although there is no indication as to whether or not they will ever get back together and direct another movie as a directing team. There had been rumors about Crank 3 coming together for several years, with Jason Statham revealing in 2015 that Crank 3 may still happen, but there have been no updates on that project since then.

Mom and Dad will be released in limited theaters along with Digital HD and VOD formats on January 19. Also arriving in theaters January 19 is Warner Bros.' 12 Strong, starring Chris Hemsworth, STX Entertainment's Den of Thieves starring Gerard Butler and Roadside Attractions' Forever My Girl starring Jessica Rothe. Arriving in limited release that weekend is Magnolia's documentary The Final Year, Indican's crime thriller Ridge Runners, Oscilloscope Pictures documentary The Road Movie and Parade Deck Films' comedy This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy. Take a look at the new poster for Mom and Dad, courtesy of Momentum Pictures and, in case you missed it last month, you can check out the trailer below as well.

Mom and Dad Poster