Mondo is excited to announce the Series 1 lineup for Mondoids, a new line of designer vinyl figures that feature uniquely freaky takes on sci-fi, horror, and comic book icons. Designed by Scarecrow Oven, each Mondoid features a removable head that can be mixed and matched with most other Mondoids figures bases. Mondoids Series 1 includes the Marvel - Venom (regular and SDCC exclusive variant), Marvel - Green Goblin, Gremlins - Melting Stripe, Fallout - Vault Boy, Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees (regular and Mondo webstore exclusive variant), Jurassic Park - Raptor, and a super-sized Jurassic Park - T-Rex Mega Mondoid.

Mondoids Series 1 will go on sale at today, Tuesday, July 9, at 12:00pm CT. The SDCC exclusive Venom Mondoid variant will be available at the Mondo booth (#435) at San Diego Comic Con beginning Wednesday, July 17 (SDCC Preview Night).

  • MONDOIDS / Series 1
  • • Fallout - Vault Boy / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Hector Arce)
  • • Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mike Pflaumer)
  • • Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees (Mondo Webstore Exclusive) / $22 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mike Pflaumer)
  • • Gremlins - Melting Stripe / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toyworks, Mike Pflaumer)
  • • Jurassic Park - Raptor / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toy Works, Hector Arce)
  • • Jurassic Park - T-Rex Mega Mondoid / $25 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toyworks, Hector Arce)
  • • Marvel - Green Goblin / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Hector Arce, Mike Pflaumer)
  • • Marvel - Venom / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mara Ancheta)
  • • Marvel - Venom (SDCC Exclusive Color - Edition of 500) / $35 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Darren Henke)

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Mondoids Jason Voorhees Variant

Mondoids Spike Gremlins

Mondoids Jurassic Park

Mondoids Marvel Venom

Mondoids Jason Voorhees

Mondoids Jurassic Park T-Rex

Mondoids Marvel Green Goblin

Mondoids Venom Comic-Con Exclusive Package

Mondoids Venom SDCC Exclusive Variant

Mondoids Valut Boy

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