Twelve years after they last worked together in Ocean's Twelve, Julia Roberts and George Clooney reunite once again in the upcoming Money Monster. Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for this harrowing thriller, which shows the lengths one distraught man in financial ruins will go to, after one particular stock plummets. Money Monster is set for release on May 13, going up against The Darkness, Free State of Jones, Snowden and Kidnap.

In the taut and tense thriller Money Monster, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a bombastic TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the money wiz of Wall Street. But after he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes, an irate investor (Jack O'Connell) takes Gates, his crew, and his ace producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) hostage live on air. Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies.

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The supporting cast includes Caitriona Balfe, Dominic West, Giancarlo Esposito and Emily Meade, with another major star behind the camera. Jodie Foster directs this thriller, marking her fourth time behind the camera. She has previously directed 2011's The Beaver, 1995's Home for the Holidays and 1991's Little Man Tate. She has also recently directed episodes of House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.

The screenplay was written by Alan Di Fiore, Jim Kouf and Jamie Linden, with George Clooney also producing with his Smokehouse Productions partner Grant Heslov. Given the competitive weekend Money Monster opens in, it wouldn't be surprising if some of those previously-mentioned projects opted to take different release dates. It's also worth noting that this movie opens just one weekend before the potential box office blockbuster Captain America: Civil War.

Money Monster will mark the fourth collaboration between Julia Roberts and George Clooney. They first worked together on Ocean's Eleven, followed by George Clooney's directorial debut, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Ocean's Twelve. Take a look at the first trailer for Money Monster, and stay tuned for more on this thriller.