Could Moneypenny, after all these years, be getting her very own movie? While a lot would have to happen in order for that to take place, actress Naomie Harris says, at least on some level, those talks have happened. What's more, Harris says Moonlight director Barry Jenkins is interested in taking on the proposed James Bond spin-off. The question becomes, is this something that could realistically happen?

This comes as Naomie Harris has been making the rounds to promote her new movie Black and Blue. During a recent interview, the subject of a Moneypenny spin-off came up, at which point Harris revealed that Barry Jenkins, who she previously worked with, wants to do just such a movie. Here's what she had to say about it.

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"Actually, Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight, he always said that he wanted to do a Moneypenny spin-off, so maybe..."

Naomie Harris made her debut as Moneypenny alongside Daniel Craig's Bond in Skyfall. The idea of a James Bond spin-off like this could be a tough sell on the surface. But everything changes when the director of a Best Picture Oscar-winning movie says he's interested in taking it on. Not to mention that Harris was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Moonlight, which adds a little something. This echoes recent comments made by Harris on Good Morning America, where she outlined her pitch and explained she's talked to franchise producer Barbara Broccoli about it.

"He's wanted to do a bad ass, kick-ass kind of action thing with Moneypenny which I'm all for actually...I got together with Barbara Broccoli, our producer, and I was like let's make this happen but she wasn't so down with it - but maybe one day it should. Who knows...The conversation has started at least and we're continuing it here so who knows."

James Bond, as a franchise, has existed since 1962's Dr. No, when it was Sean Connery playing the famed MI6 spy. For most of those years, Moneypenny has been a big part of 007's universe, but she's mostly been relegated to helping out in the MI6 offices, and rarely in the filed. Naomie Harris, on the other hand, has put a different spin on the character, having gotten her hands dirty working in the field in both Skyfall and Spectre.

No Time to Die, otherwise known as James Bond 25, hits theaters in April 2020. That's set to conclude Daniel Craig's run as 007, which means a reboot is coming in the future. That means, more than likely, Naomie Harris' time is Moneypenny could be up as well. Still, shared universes are all the rage right now and James Bond has been a viable franchise for a very long time. Who knows? Stranger things have happened and there have been quite a few calling for diversity within the Bond series. A spin-off such as this would be one way to go about it. This news comes to us via