While we all await the long-anticipated Monopoly movie, we now have a new way to play the iconic board game. And some are not having any fun with it, claiming it promotes dishonesty. The classic game of Monopoly can go on for days, and depending on your attention span, can get pretty boring. And when games get boring, it inevitably leads to cheating of some sort and in Monopoly, the Banker is the one who can spy the cheater. But what if there were no designated Banker? That's just one part of the twist of the new Cheaters Edition of Monopoly that Hasbro is putting out this fall, just in time for Christmas.

The new Cheaters Edition of Monopoly encourages players to cheat, letting each player be the Banker during their turn. In addition, there are 15 cheater cards, 5 of which can be on the board at any given time along with the regular cards. The flow of the game is the same, except you get rewarded for cheating. However, you get penalized if you're caught, so you have to be kind of stealth about your deceit or you'll have to go to jail and wear the real-life handcuff that comes attached to the board with the game.

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Players of the Monopoly Cheaters Edition are expected to steal from the bank and take rent from other player's properties, but again, you have to do it without being caught. Hasbro senior vice president of gaming, Jonathon Berkowitz, says that the Banker was the one in the original game that kept an eye on all of the players, therefore keeping them honest. That's not a problem in the new edition of the game. Berkowitz had this to say.

"For the first time in Monopoly history, there is no designated Banker. Players are in control of the Bank on their turn and pass it to the next player when their turn is over, making it easier to pull (off) cheats."

In a recent survey that was conducted, Hasbro learned that half of Monopoly players admitted to cheating, which got the company thinking. The survey led to the quick development of the new Monopoly Cheaters Edition. The end result of the game is very much the same, with the player with the most money winning. But there are some pretty interesting ways that players can obtain that money while attempting to be pretty sneaky in the process, which is apparently what players have wanted since the beginning.

Hasbro does not have a set release date for the Monopoly Cheaters Edition, but it will be $19.99 when it hits shelves this fall. The iconic board game already has a good buzz around it and it really looks like a creative spin on an iconic game that is sure to fit into the world of Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Players have plenty of time to work on their cheats as well as their poker faces before the fall release date, so you have been warned. News of the Monopoly Cheaters Edition was first published by The Insider.