If you were disappointed by 2012's Battleship or the horror thriller Ouija, which was released in theaters this past Halloween, you may not be too exited about future movies based on board games. But producer Randall Emmett is selling something decidedly different with Monopoly, a long gestating big screen version of the popular Hasbro RPG, which he describes as a family adventure in the same vein as The Goonies.

After the success of Transformers, studios began clamoring for toy and cartoon properties to bring to the cineplex. But even though movies like Stretch Armstrong and Candy Land were announced and in pre-production, some of these projects stalled due to producers getting cold feet. Monopoly, though in development for quite some time now, is a little different from those other movies, as the makers of this particular title truly believe in it, and that it can launch a feature film franchise.

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According to Randall Emmett, the film, which was once set to be produced and directed by Ridley Scott, will soon announce a director and cast, and will begin shooting this summer. Says the producer:

"We've worked on the script for about nine months, we now have a script that we're going to go make this summer. We really spent a lot of time on the script really trying to create family fun for everybody. [For] the director, we're on a shortlist of a few names, and we're beyond excited about whichever of these directors ends up coming together.  The cast is young kids but there is one lead, older-a guy chasing kids, lets say. [Goonies is] a perfect analogy to what Monopoly will hopefully be.  There is a treasure map... It's a family adventure film."

Monopoly will begin shooting in Georgia or Louisiana, with exterior shoots to take place on the Atlantic City boardwalk, which is an iconic part of the game.  The big announcement about the cast, director and storyline should be released this February. What do you think? Is there any way Monopoly can be worse than Ouija or Battleship?