A dinosaur-sized alligator has social media convinced Jurassic Park is real. The massive alligator was spotted on a golf course in Naples, Florida. It is believed that Tropical Storm Eta is the reason why the gator was out for a stroll on the golf course. Video of the reptile stocking the green has since gone viral where golfers can be heard saying, "Holy sh*t... this guy out for a stroll -- oh, my God!" This is no ordinary Florida gator sighting, as you can see below.

Once video of the massive alligator started to spread, it was only a matter of time before the Jurassic Park jokes started. One Twitter user said, "Jurassic Park is real and it's in Florida," which sounds about right. If the fictional park were a real thing, Florida would more than likely be the place where it is built and where the dinosaurs break free and take over the rest of North America. Another person on social media notes, "Take a look at this massive gator walking through Valencia Golf Course in Naples. He looks like he belongs in Jurassic Park!"

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The dinosaur-sized alligator is believed to be about 10 feet long and extremely tall. If it were to walk on its hindlegs it would be like a baby T-rex or maybe even Godzilla. "Just one mutation away we'll find ourselves in Jurassic Park," said one person on Twitter. "By the end of the year these things be sprinting on they hind legs [and] then what?" If dinosaurs were to roam the Earth again, 2020 would be the year where it would not surprise anyone.

Video of the gator has some people calling fake news, but it is the real deal. "That's not a gator, that's a dinosaur. Trust me on this, I've watched every Jurassic Park movie multiple times. I'm pretty much a paleontologist," promised one social media user. "Not now 2020. Let's skip the Jurassic Park saga please," pleaded another person on Twitter. There's a lot of stuff going on in the world at the moment, and dealing with dinosaurs isn't exactly what we need in 2020, even if it would be kind of neat.

Obviously, Jurassic Park isn't a real thing in Florida, but footage of the gator still has a lot of people making jokes. "Who had Florida turning into a real life Jurassic Park on their 2020 Bingo Card?" Alligators first appeared during the Oligocene epoch about 37 million years ago, and they are mainly found in North America, China, and Mexico. Larger males, like the one spotted in the viral video, often like to spend their time alone, while the younger alligators all hang out together to take down small prey. You can check out some video footage of the dinosaur-sized Florida alligator above, thanks to the NBC News2 YouTube channel.