According to Variety, Columbia performance-capture toon Monster House will be released in digital 3-D on some 100 screens nationwide day-and-date with its regular 2-D release on July 21, 2006.

Real D will provide the 3-D projection technology for theaters already using digital projectors, including custom silver screens and disposable polarized glasses.

Monster House, from ImageMovers and Amblin, uses the same Sony Pictures Imageworks motion-capture technology employed on last year's The Polar Express.

The feature follows three kids who must battle a house determined to eat every trick-or-treater on Halloween.

Such industry heavyweights as The Polar Express helmer Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas, James Cameron and Peter Jackson have lined up behind 3-D projection.

Advocates for 3-D argue that with home theater systems and HDTV gaining popularity, exhibs must take steps to make going to a theater a better experience than watching movies at home, and 3-D is one way to do that.